Due to a family emergency, Dr. Hughes will be out of town between Thursday, November 8th & noontime Tuesday, November 13th. Please contact us at 867-920-7387 while Dr. Hughes is away and we will do our best to assist you. Our Boutique will remain open during regular hours for purchases of food & pet supplies.

Dr Hughes is away for personal reasons. If there is a concern please call the clinic and we will do what we can to help. The hours for the week of August 8th-15th only will be: Monday-Friday 9-6pm, and Saturday 10-5pm.

Our Boutique is well stocked with the following brands of food:

Hills Prescription Diet
Royal Canin
Purina Veterinary Diet

All of which are formulated for THE optimal balance of nutrients and THE best taste.


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Emergencies Welcome at Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic

Protect the health of your beloved pet with Dr. Michael Hughes DVM and the skilled staff at Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic. We provide 24-hour emergency care and a range of veterinarian services including medical, dental, surgical and preventative treatments. Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic will help you maintain proper health with nutritious pet food and essential pet supplies.

Phone the clinic for 24 hour emergencies at 867-920-7387.

Our Boutique

We understand how important it is for you to keep your pets healthy and safe. At Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic’s Veterinary Boutique, you can rest assured knowing that we take care of your pet as if it were our own.

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At the Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic, we offer top-quality care for your dog, cats and other pets. We recently staged a photoshoot for our practice and are happy to show off the following images.

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Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic is your source for complete medical, dental and surgical care for your beloved dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets and exotic animals.

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